Properties of Peruvian businessman linked to Odebrecht case were seized

This morning, three seizures were seized on behalf of the former businessman investigated for his participation in the Odebrecht case, Gonzalo Monteverde. According to the Public Ministry, it is estimated that Monteverde received about $ 29 million from its companies that were later used by Odebrecht for bribes during the administration of Alejandro Toledo, Alan García and Ollanta Humala. The order included two properties in Miraflores, including the busy Don Mamino cafeteria on Av. 28 de Julio; and one in Barranco, known as Dominatrix Limited, said the company would have served as a source of suspicious transfers to the Brazilian organization.

But who is Gonzalo Monteverde?

According to the Lava Jato special team, Monteverde would have been the financial operator of the Brazilian firm. The information was granted by former Odebrecht treasurer, Luis Da Rocha Soares. Together with his wife, they have a 36-month preventive prison order that unfortunately could not be carried out since both are fugitives. Both were responsible for blocking the millionaire amount during the years 2007 to 2015.

The action would have been achieved by becoming the owner of several companies, being the main Area S.A.C. However, they were also associated with nine other companies: Arcamo, La Moneda Exchange House, Central Cemeteries, Construmaq, Dimaco, Antares Machinery Division, Isagon, El Santuario Investments, and Miraflores Tourism Investments. According to statements by Da Rocha Soares, Cementerios Centrales y Construmaq S.A.C would have been used to introduce money to Peru that would later be distributed by Jorge Barata, former Odebrecht official in Peruvian territory.

During his first investigation in 2017, carried out by the newsletter «Cuarto Poder» he declared that «all the money obtained was the product of services given in construction, roads and crusher movements». He also commented that he did not recognize the transactions carried out by the offshore companies Constructora Internacional del Sur and Kleinfield Services Ltda. In addition, his lawyer reiterated that the money received came from the uncontaminated subsidiaries and not from Box 2, as the imputation of the Ministry maintained. Public.

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