Elections 2020: JEE excludes the candidacy of Daniel Urresti

The Special Electoral Jury of Lima Centro decided to exclude the candidacy of Daniel Urresti Elera, candidate of the Podemos Peru political party from the Parliamentary Elections that will be held on January 26. This JEE decision is due to the fact that the former candidate failed to submit a judicial document that indicated a rehabilitation regarding a conviction against Urresti.

Through a resolution issued on Wednesday, the Lima Centro collegiate determined that the former minister failed to report on his resume about a sentence against him for the crime of defamation issued in August 2017 and that it was ratified in 2018 by the Judiciary.

‘It is important to point out that according to the records of the proceedings, the candidate Daniel Belisario Urresti Elera, was convicted in File 1261-2015, for the crime of aggravated defamation, to the detriment of Rodrigo Pelagio Prada Vargas, pursuant to the sentence imposed by the 17 Criminal Court of Lima of Reos Libres, dated August 15, 2017, imposing a penalty of imprisonment for one year suspended for the trial period of the same period, subject to rules of conduct imposing an accessory penalty of 120 fine days at a rate of 25% of your daily credit, equivalent to 372 soles in favor of the State, as well as set at S /. 5,000.00 soles the amount of civil reparation’, says the resolution that excludes the former candidate from the electoral process.

In addition, they indicated that it was the own person of Podemos Peru who, at the time of delivering the information of Daniel Urresti, reported that he omitted this information because he had submitted to the Criminal Court a request for rehabilitation for the alleged compliance with the penalty.

The document also states that the person attached a report issued by Urresti’s lawyer, dated November 25 of last year, after the registration of the candidate lists, which was November 18. They add that as of the date of issuance of the report, there was no judicial resolution of rehabilitation issued by the Court.

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