New viruses discovered can cause dangerous diseases in humans

Group of scientists from the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF according to German initials) announces on Wednesday the discovery of several hundred new viruses transmissible to humans through insects. This group of scientists has concentrated their research on detecting new viruses that come from animals in order to identify new viral diseases that could spread in epidemics. The researchers, in collaboration with the Berlin university clinic of La Charité, published in the scientific journal «PLOS Pathogens» the realization of total analysis of 1243 insects in which we discovered a virus that could cover at least 20 genders.

Previous studies that mainly focus on the study of insects that feed on blood, such as mosquitoes, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, leeches, etc. while this time, insects from all groups were included. Christian Drosten, professor and director of the DZIF, confirmed in a press release that every new virus that it can find can be the cause of some disease that was previously unknown, both in humans and animals.

In order to facilitate the diagnosis of unusual viral infections, Drosten, and his workgroup are involved in a database that helps identify less common viruses. This is done by recording the behavior of the body of being infected by the virus or any of these, in particular, thus not only the symptoms are related but also the behavior of the virus within the same organism, thus making it easier to determine the diagnosis of a new virus or one already discovered, «If the patient has a virus, what we find, as long as it is in our database or has some similarity with a virus that is in it,» Drosten added.

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