Iran: confirmed the death of all passengers who were on board by Ukrainian plane

A Ukrainian Airlines plane with 176 passengers crashed in the city of Tehran, capital of Iran. Shortly before taking off, the plane crash near the Iman Khomeini airport, a product of technical difficulties not yet known. Unfortunately, all passengers and crew died.

According to data revealed by the Iranian semi-official press agency Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the plane, a Boeing 737 was destined for the city of Kiev, capital of Ukraine. According to the airport workers, hours before the tragedy, the plane left the Iranian international airport one hour late.

For his part, the vice president of the Red Crescent of Tehran, Ebrahim Tayik Nurí, said that the accident was reported to them at 06:22 local time (02:52 GMT) and that around 60 rescue teams moved immediately to the place of the tragic event.

Two helicopters and ten ambulances were also sent to the area, located between the towns of Shahed and Parand, south of Tehran, said Tayik Nurí. Likewise, the head of the Red Crescent indicated that they have already managed to extinguish the fire caused after the accident.

So far it is known that the plane fell in an open area, located between the towns of Shared and Paran, near Tehran, where it is not appreciated that some homes were affected after the crash of the aircraft. Because no survivors were registered, it was announced that rescue teams are trying to recover, little by little, the bodies of all victims.

On the other hand, although it is speculated that the unfortunate accident of the aircraft was the fault of the war between the United States and Iran, the authorities have announced that the incident occurred due to a technical failure in the aircraft engine.

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