Congressmen adopts resolution to curb Donald Trump’s military attacks

The US Parliament adopted last Thursday the resolution to curb the military action that the current president, Donald Trump, has maintained against Iran. The measure taken by the chamber promotes the inability of the president to make any military decision against Iran without first passing through the prior approval of the congress.

In spite of being a symbolic resolution, against the American president, it contains a great political load inside. The resolution taken by the congress had 224 votes in favor and 194 against. The winning side was supported by 3 Republicans.

Resultado de imagen para ataque de USA a IRAN

The decision was made by the congress after the US president ordered the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimaní and the attacks made by the president with missiles against Iran in retaliation for the alleged attack by the Arab country on US military bases in Iraq, managing to generate more tension between both sides and more suggestions for the beginning of war.

Trump responded to the congress that he did not need anyone’s approval to launch attacks against those he believes appropriate, thus ignoring the existing mandatory requirements proposed by the congress. He also repeated that the Iranian general planned to attack the United States, including different embassies without showing any evidence.

The action taken against the president entered the chamber as a concurrent resolution. This resolution works as a punitive reprimand to the military strategy of the republican government. For their part, the Democrats introduced a resolution of similar powers of war powers in the Senate thus demonstrating a strong challenge, because the Republicans have the majority.

Resultado de imagen para senado americano

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