11 million educational materials were distributed throughout the country

There have been 11 and a half million educational materials that have been distributed nationwide by the Ministry of Education (Minedu). This amount represents 63% of the total material that has been delivered to the respective Local Educational Management Units (UGEL) of each region to be delivered to the country’s educational centers. This delivery is given as part of the start of the 2020 school year.

Minedu has considered the deadline on January 21 to deliver the remaining lot to complete the 18 million. The remaining must reach the different regions of the country in February.

Inclusive materials

The distributed copies have been prepared in both Spanish and 27 native languages ​​for both teachers and students of the different public educational institutions of initial, primary and intercultural bilingual education.

The languages ​​to which these materials have been translated include achuar, aimara, ashaninka , awajún, cashinahua, chapra, harakbut, jaqaru, kakataibo, kandozi, kichwa, matsés, matsigenka, nomatsigenga, quechua central, quechua chanka , quechua collao, quechua inkawasi kañaris, secoya, shawi, shipibo konibo, ticuna, urarina, wampis, yagua, yanesha y yine.


The Government enacted this week the Emergency Decree No. 002-2020, with a series of measures to combat informality in private education and close schools that violate the basic conditions of the service they offer.

Many of these institutions that will undergo revision have been located in different districts of the capital. The quantities are: Ate (36), Carabayllo (12), Cercado de Lima (6), Chorrillos (11), Comas (7), Agustino (7), Independencia (17), La Victoria (4), Los Olivos (12), Lurigancho Chosica (16), Lurín (6), Pachacámac (14), Puente Piedra (11), Rímac (14), San Juan de Lurigancho (3), San Juan de Miraflores (16), San Luis (1), San Martín de Porres (41), San Miguel (1), Santa Anita (9), Villa El Salvador (11) y Villa María del Triunfo (9).

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