Operatives has been launched to recover spaces in Fruit Market

Agents of the Municipality of La Victoria carried out an operation to recover public spaces in the surroundings of the Wholesale Fruit Market, which are full of garbage and waste.

The mayor of La Victoria, George Forsyth, announced that he plans to inspect the traders of the Fruit Market, who refuse to leave the waste in the containers and continue to put them on the streets. In addition, he said he also plans to drastically sanction people who fail to comply with the schedules established by the municipality for the collection of garbage.

‘The cleaning is done every day, but we make a great operation so that the press is present and the business friends of the area know if this continues. If they are going to continue without respecting the schedules or they are going to continue throwing the garbage where they feel like it, we are going to proceed to a really tough inspection’, said Forsyth.

In addition, he urged merchants, neighbors, and passers-by to dump trash into containers so as not to generate dirt or chaos. ‘Annoying that in the cleaning work that is done daily, we collect 35 tons of garbage a day, and so they want to continue throwing away the garbage at any time, he said.

Previously, the mayor said that although the municipality is without the necessary resources, they continue to work for the benefits of the neighbors. ‘This operation is a great effort that the municipality is making, a totally broken municipality, but even so, we are present in one of the most difficult points of Peru, which is the wholesale fruit market’, he said.

From very early on, Mayor George Forsyth and supervisors led the cleaning operation outside the market, accompanied by a large number of operators who also participated in the work. First, the waste was collected and then they proceeded to sweep and wash the streets.

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