Nadine Heredia’s exit impediment would be decided on Tuesday

On Tuesday, January 14, the impediment to leaving the country of former first lady Nadine Heredia Alarcón and other officials involved in the case of Gasoducto Sur Peruano will be discussed. This happened when the Brazilian construction company was awarded the work that went through several hands; firstly by the company Kuntur Transportadora de Gas, then by Odebrecht and in 2014 by the consortium of the same name.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the magistrate informed that on Monday the resolution will be chaired by Judge Jorge Chavez Tamariz from 11:00 a.m. in the judiciary. In addition, the defenses of former President Ollanta Humala‘s wife and the other former officials are cited as they allegedly would have supported the Odebrecht company with tenders, participating in the crime of collusion.

The Judiciary is expected to approve the impediment to leaving the accused for a period of 18 months to prevent the risk of escape due to the importance of the case. Although his lawyer, Jefferson Moreno, said he has no intention of leaving the country since the rest of his family is here. If found, Heredia Alarcón could serve a sentence of up to 26 years for money laundering in organized crime, as it is believed that she accepted contributions from Odebrecht during her husband’s election campaign.

During 2019, the effective collaborator Jorge Barata declared in the investigation carried out in Brazil that he would have met inside the Government Palace with Nadine Heredia, former ministers of Energy, Economy, and Mines, and Finance, and some members of the nationalist party. Barata addressed the former first lady as follows «Humala did not understand things well, unlike Alan García. Nadine Heredia understood better than Humala.»

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