Children and mobiles: at what age is it advisable to give them?

It seems so distant the time when children played in the streets and technology was not so protagonist in the day to day of our lives. Nowadays it is no longer unusual to see a child using a tablet or smartphone as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

According to a new report made in the USA. On technology and media for children, he revealed that at the age of 11, more than half of the children have their own smartphone. However, the matter is not there since another study reveals that some children start much younger: 20% of 8-year-olds already have their personal mobile.

This leads to a worrying topic to analyze and the following question: what is the appropriate age for a child to have his own cell phone? The same studies mentioned before they gave the statistics highlighted that there is no absolute answer to this issue.

But the best answer that could be given is: When both parents and children have mutual trust. In this note, we leave you certain points to help you with that decision as a parent.

For the following points, it is necessary to ask some questions as a parent and answering with total sincerity.

  • Responsibility: Has your son or daughter proven to be responsible? Are you careful with your personal things? Do you understand the value of money?
  • Security: If I had a cell phone, would I take it to school? Is your school safe? When he went outside he picked up his cell phone? Would you walk with your mobile always or only with the company of an adult?
  • Social maturity: do you treat others with kindness and respect? Do you understand that what in the future could be published on the Internet could hurt susceptibilities?

Let’s not forget that there is what cyberbullying is and one as a father should make it clear to his son that he has all the confidence to discuss various topics. Always remember that for a healthy relationship with the phone you must first start with a healthy relationship at home.

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