2020 elections: everything you need to know about them

On January 26 from 8 to 4 p.m. the 2020 Congressional Elections will be held. According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) more than 166,000 young people will vote for the first time, so there are still many doubts regarding the voting process. First of all you must find out what your voting center is (usually it is the closest but it is possible that it is another within your district) on the ONPE website; If you have already voted before and have not changed your address until September 13, 2019, you are still voting in the same place.

If you have to be a table member in these elections you must collect your credentials; These can also be downloaded and printed. Table member training will be held on January 19 and on election day you must attend your voting center at 7:30 am. If you do not go to fulfill your work as a table member you must pay a fine of S /. 215. The sanction is valid for both regular and substitute table members who have not been on time to set up tables.

If you decide not to vote, you must pay a fine established according to the condition of your district; if you live in a district considered «not poor» it will be S /. 84, if your district is considered «poor» but not extreme it will be S /. 42 and if you live in a district of extreme poverty, it will be S /. 21. Only people who are abroad for studies or for any reason requiring medical attention, being in an area where a natural disaster occurs, the death of a direct family member, and having a physical or mental illness are absolved.

Through the newspaper El Peruano it was formalized that citizens can vote with expired ID and also with the yellow ID corresponding to minors in case the owner of the document is 18 years old and has not yet changed it. Young people who reach the age of majority on the same day of the elections are also required to pay.

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