Wave of murders in less than 24 hours trigger the alert in La Libertad

A big concern is the one that is being lived in La Libertad due to the wave of murders that has been unleashed these days. To be more exact, in less than 24 hours and in different parts of this city. Chiclin, is a Peruvian locality of the district of Chicama, in the department of La Libertad. A town whose tranquility was shaken last Saturday night in the Laguna sector.

Witnesses say that two murderers would have arrived on a motorcycle and violently broke into the home of Andrés Villavicencio Alayo (25) better known as “Goku”, who was in front of the television.

Once inside the house, the criminals fired 5 bullets at close range in different areas of the body. Not content with it, they entered the room of his niece who was at that moment and also shot her off. Once they committed the crime they escaped for an unknown destination. Relatives and close neighbors cried out for help when they heard the noises. They were taken to the hospital, however, they could do nothing because bodies arrived.

A police operation was immediately executed which was able to capture four suspects, including a minor and 2 guns, 80 packages of PBC, marijuana bags and stolen cell phones were seized. Due to the magnitude of the fact, they affirm that it could be an adjustment of accounts.

On the other hand, three shots ended the life of Félix Alfonso Mendo Zelada (55), who in life was a fearsome criminal, the ringleader of the criminal band «The Octopuses of the Green Cross.» The incident also happened this Saturday when Felix was in a cellar with some friends drinking beer, in the Trujillo district of El Porvenir, one of the most dangerous in the province.

Suddenly two gunmen of a motorcycle were lowered and following the same pattern that the previous crime fired at close range against the criminal, falling three bullets in his skull causing his death instantly. The criminals escaped taking advantage of the panic of the passers-by. Police officers arrived and cordoned off the area to collect evidence.

Otherwise, it happened in the district of Chao, province of Virú, where the victim was apparently murdered for opposing the theft of his belongings. According to nearby sources, it would be a teenager who was intercepted by some criminals. The victim would have confronted them causing him to be shot. The police arrived to collect evidence that could help resolve the case.

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