Study: sex could often push menopause away

The English study says that having sex frequently or at least once a week would produce a 28% chance of not experiencing menopause compared to those who claimed to have sex less than once a week. Similarly, women who said they had sex at least once a month had a 19% lower probability of having reached menopause than those who had sex less than once a month. Although the study did not carry out the relationship between sex and menopause, if they pointed out that the physical signs of sex can indicate to the body that there is a probability of pregnancy, therefore it would not reach menopause. However, for women who do not have sexual intercourse frequently at middle age, early menopause would become or have a biological sense.

Megan Arnot, the lead author of this study and a person in preparation for a doctorate in evolutionary anthropology at University College London said, «If you are not going to reproduce, it does not make ovular sense, you better use that energy elsewhere.» During ovulation, a woman is more susceptible to contracting diseases because the immune system is impaired. If pregnancy is unlikely for the body due to lack of sexual activity, this means that it would be more beneficial for the body to use that energy from the ovulation process on something more important.

The findings support an ancient theory in which he states that menopause evolved in humans to avoid reproductive conflict between different generations of women to ensure the prosperity of the family. Arnot mentions «There may be a biological energy compensation between investing energy in ovulation and investing elsewhere, such as staying active taking care of grandchildren».

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