Businesmman Gerardo Sepúlveda could get a preventive detention for PPK Case

The Prosecutor’s Office requested 36 months of preventive detention against Chilean businessman Gerardo Sepúlveda after being allegedly involved in the case Westfield Capital for money laundering. On Friday, January 24th, Judge Jorge Chavez Tamariz will evaluate the request as part of the investigations linking former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) with the Odebrecht case.

Sepúlveda owns the company First Capital and was PPK’s partner in the Westfield Capital company as well; it is presumed that both companies received payments from the Brazilian company. According to prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, the Westfield Capital company advised Odebrecht company while PPK was Minister of Economy and Finance in the government of Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006). One of the evidence handled by the prosecutor is the purchase of the property in San Isidro of the former president valued at US$695,000. Later on, the company Dorado Asset Ltd. was purchased in 2004; this offshore is located in the British Virgin Islands.

The Chilean businessman declared to the Prosecutor’s Office that Westfield Capital has always been entire of Kuczynski’s property, even when he was the Manager. He was also a partner of First Capital, a company that consulted Odebrecht in the execution of public projects such as the Olmos project and the North Interoceanic job of 2007.

Despite the fact that Prosecutor Pérez requested nine months ago the arrest of Sepúlveda; in November of last year, the Chilean citizen sent his attorney Percy García Cavero to communicate the address where he could be contacted. The Peruvian attorney was ruled to be his defender to avoid using the mechanism of international judicial cooperation for notifications of the process, since he currently resides in Santiago, Chile. For this reason, the Public Prosecutor’s Office demands his arrest as a danger of escape is stipulated.

Imagen: Diario Correo

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