Ecuador: President will carry on with economic reforms despite violent protests

Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador, proclaimed yesterday at the World Economic Forum in Davos,  that he will carry on with the economic reforms for his country, despite the violent protests that took place in October last year. These manifestations affected the economy of the country in a loss of more than 800 million dollars. He also asked the international community to intervene through a «democratic and viable solution»  for Venezuela to end the dictatorial government of Nicolás Maduro.

The protests started after the announcement of former President Rafael Correa to suppress fuel subsidies and have left 10 people dead and more than 1,300 wounded. The reform also included cuts concerning the rights of public workers. The crisis ended in an agreement between the government and indigenous leaders that lead the manifestations. Moreno justifies the protests as a right of democratic participation and attributes the cause to the corrupt government of the exiled Correa.

As well, he seemed outraged by the demand of the mobilizing groups to international courts for excessive use of force applied by the Government. He denounced that the protests, despite being legal, were carried out by vandalism groups that injured 435 police officers and 80 militaries. Additionally, protesters destroyed 57 ambulances and prevented the injured from being treated, as well as the blocking of vehicles that transported supplies for blood banks. He also asked the commissions in charge of the case to meticulously investigate the police officers who incurred the excessive use of violence as well as the civilians responsible for lootings. The context of the demonstrations should also be examined; as mentioned in the Forum, there has been no gunshot wounded and police staff «had «great restriction» and «care» for the ways used specifically serve to maintain order and prevent overages».






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