Salvador del Solar could be new representative of Partido Morado

The controversial journalist Beto Ortiz announced that Salvador Del Solar will be the replacement of Julio Guzmán in his candidacy for the presidency. Currently, Julio Guzmán has been harshly criticized after revealing images of the presidential candidate fleeing from a fire caused by alleged infidelity. The incident would have occurred in May 2018, in an apartment located in Miraflores, in a meeting with the Cusco leader of Partido Morado, Liliana Acurio.

According to the police report delivered by the Volunteer Fire Department, both were in the middle of a celebration, when the candles and heart-shaped balloons found in the middle of the room went into flames. Despite the questions, Guzmán has justified himself by saying that the cause of the accident is «strictly personal and private» and that he will not give public explanations about the meeting with Miss Acurio.

Another representative who has questioned his actions was Jorge Muñoz, Mayor of Lima. In an interview with the news channel Panorama, he described the PM leader as an «ostrich», «he hides his head and believes that everything is solved,» he said. The Mayor considers that someone who is going to lead a country should be transparent not only in his political career but also in his personal life and that they have to know how to listen to public opinion.

According to Ortiz, a source close to the PM told him that Del Solar was a substitute for the candidacy at any situation that harms the image of their representative. Before giving the announcement in an interview with Willax TV, the journalist published on his Twitter account: “I just crossed paths at the door of Barra Chalaca with Salvador del Solar. Having known that he is already the successor of Julio Guzmán as the presidential candidate of the Partido Morado for 2021, I would have invited him a chicha ”. Ortiz mentioned that he has never considered himself a supporter of Guzmán since he is only a made character but not a person with clear ideas; “He has no clear idea. He doesn’t know what he is. If he is from the right party or left, feminist or not, ” the journalist said.

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