Market in unhealthy conditions near Universidad Agraria La Molina has been closed

A market hat offered natural products near Universidad Agraria La Molina was temporarily closed by the Municipality of the same district due to being in unsanitary conditions. The market operated by third parties, which the University was wrongly attributed to their property, offered poor quality products and stored, handled and processed medicines and food with dirty utensils. After a meticulous inspection, it was determined that 13 stores in the market witnessed insects in the food area, inadequate instruments for working with consumer products and refrigeration systems in poor conditions that difficulted food preservation.

Also, deficiencies were found in the modules of dairy, bakery, meat, vegetables, fruits and natural products. The Administrative Supervision Department fined these businesses for S /. 51,600 under the code K030; which is the temporary closure of a business for operating in an unhygienic state, with utensils, machinery, equipment, furniture and / or infrastructure damaged and poorly preserved. In addition, the assistant manager of said institution, Jovan Jevtic, reported that packaged food and beverages that were sold didn’t have labels or sanitary records and several of them were expired, corresponding to code K004, which is the most recurring sanction in markets.

The closing will be effective for 7 days in which the owners must correct the observations in order to offer appropriate products to their customers. The municipality of La Molina conducts regular inspection operations in various district production centers to verify that they have their documents in order and that they are working in an optimal environment. We must rectify that the 13 businesses involved are outsourced services that are not directly related to the products that the students of the Universidad Agraria La Molina sell and produce.

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