American dream: Canada would be the new land promised for professional success

A new study reveals that being born in the United States and having parents with great purchasing power influence your chances of professional success; However, it is not the reality of many. The study shows that, despite what is believed, the United States has ceased to be the point of arrival of those who wish to grow under the motto: «the American dream.» However, Canada has become a better option to achieve it.

Canadian lands have a greater capacity and options for the acquisition of real estate or opt for better educational quality. This was pointed out by the World Economic Forum, which rated 82 countries according to the ability of citizens to reach their greatest potential. This index assesses the economies of countries in 5 different dimensions: health, education, access to technology, work and protection and institutions.

Among the countries with greater economic mobility in Germany, at number 11, followed by France, Canada, Japan, England, the United States, and Italy, their numbers being 12, 14, 15, 21, 27 and 34 respectively. The countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, led the table. Also, emerging countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa are ranked 39, 45,60,76 and 77.

The study revealed that it takes approximately 5 generations to get out of poverty in the United States, this figure improves in Europe where Germany and France lead the table.

Resultado de imagen para trabajo en estados unidos

The generation gap of inequality

In countries like Denmark, being born in poverty does not prevent people from obtaining a high income in adulthood as much as a child born in a family with benefits. This is achieved thanks to a great job combining generalized access to high-quality education, good job opportunities and good working conditions and a solid social security network.

On the other hand, Germany and France are above the United States in the table because these countries provide salaries above the American average and have adequate social protection. The study confirmed that the wealthy increased their salaries by 158% since 1970, while those with less income earned increased by 24% during the same period.

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