Interior Ministry give preventive detention to a sub officer who caused an accident in an alleged drunken state

The Interior Ministry announced that Enrique Alvarado Palacios, the PNP’s senior sub-officer, will be discharged from the police after causing an accident at dawn on Thursday in Los Olivos. This accident left a deadly victim. The former sub-officer would have driven while drunk.

“The commission that will be in charge of evaluating the retirement passes by this decree will be formalized tomorrow and, as the first agenda item, will have the case of this bad cash that should not remain one more day in the ranks of the Police # PorUnaMejorPolicía.”, said the Ministry through its Twitter account.

The Transitional Preparatory Investigation Court of the Basic Justice Module (MBJ) of Los Olivos ordered 9 months of preventive detention to be given to the PNP’s senior sub-officer for the accident that occurred last week. Mariela Quispe Taype, the magistrate in charge, declared the request founded against the sub-officer for the crime of aggravated manslaughter, to the detriment of Danilo Quispe Salvatierra.

Alvarado Palacios caused a violent traffic accident on Alfredo Mendiola Avenue in the Olivos district. The former policeman crashed his personal vehicle into a taxi, but not before hitting a passerby, who died instantly after the raid. The noncommissioned officer sought a way to avoid the intervention, but without success, he also refused to pass the ethyl dosage at the police station. The former policeman was driving his personal vehicle (Station Wagon) on a SOZ-948 license plate, under the alleged effects of alcohol, and unexpectedly collided with a truck in front of him with an AUK-173 license plate that was being driven by Nelson Kleiver Camacaro Zambrano of Venezuelan nationality.

The accident happened at the height of kilometer 20 500, the detainee was distracted to answer a phone call, with which he lost control of his vehicle, thus giving the impact with the other unit. This slipped to the area of ​​land where the main and auxiliary road of the North Pan American Highway was located, thus causing the death of Danilo Quispe Salvatierra.

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