Permanent Commission does not want the government to send more emergency decrees

Former congressmen Gilbert Violeta, Karina Beteta, and Luis Iberico, members of the Permanent Commission, were in favor of asking the Executive Branch to stop sending Emergency Decrees (DU).

Former Congressman Gilbert Violeta stressed that the Permanent Commission will not conclude the deferred reports since the Executive Power could not replace the function of the Legislative. And it is that the commission can not finish making reports on all the Emergency Decrees that are pending.

‘There is already a new Congress popularly elected I think it is appropriate to make an exhortation to the Executive Power so that they are not giving new Emergency Decrees’, he said.

Also, he considered that the DUs, for the most part, are delegated by the Executive and that they do not present the condition of urgency, so one could wait for the next elected Congress to be installed last Sunday.

In the same vein, Karina Beteta endorsed what Violeta said and urged Pedro Olaechea, president of the Permanent Commission, to send a statement to the president of Peru Martín Vizcarra.

‘It is important what Gilbert Violeta just pointed out and in that sense, not only you, in your capacity as president of the Congress and the Permanent Commission, I believe that a communiqué could be made institutionally. We urge the Executive not to continue issuing emergency decrees, except for some that are emerging. Even more so when there are an elected Congress and they will surely be swearing soon, so it is unnecessary to continue atomizing with more Urgency Decrees’, said the former Fujimori congressman.

On the other hand, Luis Iberico, former president of Congress, also showed himself in favor of the request to President Martín Vizcarra unless it is an Emergency Decree on ‘extremely urgent’ issues.

‘The prudent thing would be that the Executive Power does not issue, except in cases of extreme urgency, those decrees that must pass to the agenda of the next Congress of the Republic’, he said.

However, the holder of the Permanent Commission Pedro Olaechea did not specify whether the requirement will be sent to the Executive Branch, instead, he stated that 15 more Emergency Decrees would arrive next week and thanked the members of the commission for their observation.

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