PPK Case: This Thursday will evaluate the request for preventive detention against Gerardo Sepúlveda

Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz, in charge of the Third Preparatory Investigation Court, rescheduled for this Thursday, February 6, the hearing in which he will evaluate the request of prosecutor José Domingo Pérez to issue 36 months of preventive detention for Chilean businessman Gerardo Sepúlveda, syndicated by the Odebrecht case and that links former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Gerardo Sepúlveda Quezada, who currently resides in Santiago de Chile, notified Judge Percy García Cavero last November before Judge Jorge Chavez as his legal representative in the case, explaining that he appointed a Peruvian lawyer to avoid having to make use of the International judicial cooperation mechanism for process notifications.

Links with Odebrecht

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is charged with the crime of money laundering for the allegedly irregular transfers he made from the income received by his company Westfield Capital after contracting with Odebrecht while he was minister, during the government of former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006).

Sepúlveda, at that time, was responsible for administering the firm Westfield, which advised the construction company on the Olmos project and in 2007 it did so for the North Interoceanic work, according to the information provided by the Brazilian company to the Congress of the Republic. When he testified before the special team, the businessman said that Kuczynski’s company has belonged to him in full, even when the Chilean citizen had control over it.

According to prosecutor Pérez, the former head of state would have taken advantage of his position as a senior official so that his firm achieves those consultations in public mega-works that the Brazilian company was awarded after reaching a criminal pact with Toledo. One of the tests that the prosecutor handles is the purchase that PPK made of his house located in San Isidro. According to the investigation, PPK acquired the house for the US $ 695,000 and later, its own company Dorado bought it for the same price.

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