Ingrid Escamilla: Crime of a young shocks Mexico

Many Mexicans have expressed outrage over the brutal murder of Ingrid Escamilla, a 25-year-old woman who died at the hands of her partner in northern Mexico City. The arrested man, identified as Francisco Robledo, 46, was found with bloodstains and before the body of Escamilla, who had multiple wounds with a knife.

The murder happened last Sunday, but the photos of the victim were published on the covers of tabloids in Mexico City, which has increased the indignation of many in Mexico for this femicide. The Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) announced that at least six people, police and prosecutors, are being investigated for leaking images.

Who posted the photos?

After the images of the murder of the girl were published in different media in Mexico, the Deputy Attorney General for Victims and Community Services, Nelly Montealegre Díaz, reported that the Attorney General of Mexico City is already investigating the Filtration of crime photographs.

The official explained in a press conference that so far 6 police officers are being investigated for this, as they were the first to arrive and act at the scene.

On the other hand, while they continue with the investigations, the Heraldo Media Group of Mexico announced how the photographs could have leaked stating that ‘some of those dedicated to this journalistic genre usually buy the images from the agents in charge of arriving at the place and that they even have deals with the uniformed men who arrive at the crime scene’, the media said following an interview with a journalist who decided to remain anonymous.

Alarming figures

Gender-based murders of women have grown 137% in the last 5 years in Mexico, Attorney General Alejandro Gertz said Monday during a press conference with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In the last four years, only 1 in 5 murders of women in Mexico was classified as possible feminicide. This, despite the protocols of the Court and the National Security Council, say that everyone should be investigated with the hypothesis of gender violence.

For example, the situation in Guanajuato is particularly worrying because there only 5% of the violent deaths of women are investigated as femicide. It is serious if you take into account that in 2019 it was the entity with the highest number of malicious homicides of women with 322, above others known for high gender violence such as the State of Mexico or Chihuahua. However, in the same year, he barely reported 18 femicides.

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