Joaquín Sabina emergency surgery after stroke

He was on stage and now he had to be admitted to an emergency operation: this is the situation of the renowned Spanish singer Joaquín Sabina.

On the occasion of a concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid with Joan Manuel Serrat was the Spanish artist, when from one moment to another he had a resounding fall from a height of two meters from the stage.

People close to the singer believed that it was an accident due to health and even many claimed that it was faint; However, this fact was denied. What did happen was that there was a free space between the stage and the audience, something that the singer did not notice since a spotlight covered his vision leaving him at the edge of the tables where he ended up suffering this terrible fall.

As a result of this accident, he had to undergo surgery because of an intracranial hematoma and a stroke that was caused by the severe blow to the head.

The musician’s spokesman said that his condition was not serious and that the operation was due to a clot.

It was also stated that the concert will be postponed for May 22, however, those who wish to return their tickets are in full right and may do so from next Tuesday.

For now, he has been recovering satisfactorily from the operation and will remain hospitalized for 48 hours as directed by doctors.

Recall that Sabina turned 71 on February 12.

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