Trump gets $ 3800 million from the Pentagon for US wall with Mexico

Appoint new ambassadors of PerBefore being president, Donald Trump, repeated a promise that for many sounded crazy; However, that is what ended up taking him to the White House: building a gigantic wall on the border of Mexico and the United States.

Years went by and what seemed like a forgotten promise or just a hook for reelections today takes more strength and is that the US president has just received $ 3800 million to build the mentioned wall.

This money from the Pentagon was destined to buy several F-35 fighters and “Reapers” drones but now they add to the budget of the border wall that the president wants to raise, according to documents sent to the United States Congress on Thursday.

It should be noted that last December he had already received about $ 6.6 billion from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department, which gave way to various litigation and counting the entire budget so far we reached the huge sum of $ 18.4 billion that Trump is diverting to this project.

These new funds received will allow the Executive to build some 1,400 kilometers of the wall for the border between Mexico and the US, which measures about 3,170 kilometers.

However, Trump continues to face difficulties in financing the wall because, in the US, Congress is the one that decides on the budget and, currently, that branch of the State is divided: Republicans dominate the Senate, while the Democratic opposition He has a majority in the House of Representatives.u in Norway and Nicaragua.

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