Luciana Leon is expelled from APRA

Things do not look good at the APRA or in the life of Luciana León.

On the last Monday, February 10, through the National Political Commission of the Peruvian Aprista Party, they ordered the expulsion of Luciana León, a parliamentarian involved in the case of Los Intocables Ediles.

Mauricio Mulder, who is also a former parliamentarian and now leads the party, said this decision was made due to the serious facts and accusations in various media and the corruption cases involved. »

For his part, Mercedes Cabanillas, a member of the political leadership, said that this decision was taken unanimously.

“It has been something painful, we regret this situation, (…) it is painful for us, there is no emotion, but the part has its rules and applies them. This decision has already been approved and, as appropriate, passes to the corresponding executing agency, ”Cabanillas explained.

Recall that in the case of Los Intocables Ediles, Luciana León is accused of having received «large sums of money» from Alexander Peña Quispe in exchange for illegal efforts that could have occurred between May 2017 and May 2018, among other things such as having managed the inclusion of the Municipality of La Victoria in the contest for the Regional Fund for the Promotion of Public Investment.

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