Casma: They issue 9 months of preventive detention to subject who hit old woman

The Criminal Court of Preparatory Investigation of Casma, in Áncash, issued 9 months of preventive detention for the Venezuelan citizen Simeón Arias Rodríguez (30), who violently assaulted and robbed Graciela Bobadilla Ortega, (89), leaving her hospitalized in the city hospital. As recalled, the incident occurred in January, when the old woman was attacked by this subject. Product of the blows received she is hospitalized and her state of health is delicate because she has trouble breathing.

After committing the criminal act, he wanted to flee but was intercepted by a group of people who gave him a punishment leaving him with injuries and unconscious in the human settlement Huaquilla Baja. The foreigner was found by police personnel, who transferred him to the local hospital where he was interned for several days and after his recovery, the preventive prison hearing against him could be carried out.

For its part, the provincial criminal prosecutor Mayra Castillo Chavez supported the elements of conviction, indicating that the person involved did not comply with the guarantees of domicile, work, family and, above all, that there was a danger of escape.

Was hit by neighbors

For having committed this crime, the most wanted man in the province of Casma, Simeón Arias Rodríguez, was found tied to a tree in a smoker in the area known as Huaquilla Baja. Agents from the Casma police station found abroad when they were carrying out intelligence actions in the area where they are addicted to drugs. In the place was Arias Rodríguez, handcuffed and with visible injuries in the body, so he was taken to the hospital in the area. Also, in their possession, the troops found 17 wrappings of cocaine and two of marijuana.

The detainee is accused of aggravated robbery with subsequent injuries to Graciela Bobadilla, a crime that occurred on January 22 on Garcilaso de la Vega avenue in Casma. That time, the alleged offender took more than 5,000 soles in appliances and valuable products of the victim.

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