Omar Chehade: Ollanta Humala has at least 16 police officers guarding him

Last Sunday, February 16, former Humalist Vice President, Omar Chehade, expressed his disagreement with the statements made by the current Interior Minister, Carlos Morán, in an interview in Latina with the journalist Beto Ortiz. The virtual congressman of the Republic showed that if the congressmen would not have security, former president Ollanta Humala and his family should not have the 16 police officers who guard them.

At another time, the current congressman also said that he would propose that the ministers do not have police security either, in response. It should be noted that these statements are made in the framework of the investigations against the former president and his wife, Nadine Heredia, in which they would have received a total of 16 million dollars from the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

During the interview in which Victor García Belaunde and Juan Sheput also participated, Chehade also left strong statements regarding the new cabinet. «Let them do experiments at home, not in the country,» he said. The new congressman also recommended the new Minister of Energy and Mines, Susana Vilca, to desist from her work, since she would not be able to assume a portfolio currently under dispute over the complaint made by Odebrecht to the Peruvian State regarding the South Peruvian gas pipeline.

At another time in the interview, he declared that the withdrawal of police officers to carry out security work with the congressmen would not be related to what was discussed during the meeting held by the government and the new political parties since a collaborative environment is not perceived.

Regarding this, the former Vice President of the Republic also referred to the meeting of his political party with President Martín Vizcarra in which he suggested that they would be neither opposition nor officialism since they have preferred to be a party that proposes new alternates against a theme of national interest: citizen insecurity.

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