Alejandro Toledo: Case for the interoceanic highway was postponed for 3 more months

Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho, head of the First Preparatory Investigation Court, declared the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to extend the preparatory investigation against former President of the Republic Alejandro Toledo Manrique for the Interoceanic Highway case for three months.

As resolved by the magistrate, prosecutor José Domingo Pérez stated that the requirement was based on the fact that there are still pending proceedings, such as the receipt of witness statements, accounting skills and the lifting of the secrecy of the communications of the persons involved.

Concepción Carhuancho also stressed that the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office was filed on January 31, before the 36 months of preparatory investigation expired on February 3.

‘It will start from the day after this decision’, said the magistrate on the extension accepted.

However, since the defense of Toledo, it was requested that the extension not be eight months, but six, as they indicate that within the period established by the Public Ministry will not be sufficient.

The former head of state is currently in a United States jail awaiting the extradition request against him to face his trial in Peru. Also, the preparatory investigation against Alejandro Toledo consists of the alleged irregularities of illegal payments by Odebrecht in exchange for accessing the South Interoceanic Project sections 2 and 3, which formally began on February 2, 2017, and its term expired on 3 February.

It should be remembered that, in this case, Richard Concepción Carhuancho issued an impediment to leaving the country against Gerardo Sepúlveda, a Chilean businessman and former partner of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, for considering that his testimony was important to clarify the alleged negotiations that would have taken place between the former President and the Brazilian company.

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