Alejandro Toledo: US judge denies his bond

You cannot leave prison. Alejandro Toledo continues to use all his letters but without any favorable response for him; since the judge of the District of Northern California; Vince Chhabria definitively denied him the request for bail.

The lawyer of the former president requested his release for two reasons: to remain isolated and without communication, and because the confinement was affecting his mental health, the latter being the point to which he placed more emphasis.

However, Chhabria has not been condescending with this request recalling some episodes in his life, which call into question as to the fact that the ex-president and his wife Eliane Karp had more than one million dollars in their accounts before the first one is arrested, in July 2019.

In addition to this, the magistrate firmly stressed that Toledo represents a possible risk of escape if he is released.

Recall that Toledo is accused of receiving $ 35 million from the company Odebrecht and Camargo Correa for the tender of the Interoceanic South Highway, sections 2, 3 and 4, from February 9, 2017, when Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho ordered 18 months of pretrial detention.

On those dates that leaves Peru on January 11, 2017, and takes a flight to Panama and then go to the US, country where he was a resident, becoming the first major revelation of the case of the construction company and that later would show us the real dimension of what the Lava Jato case would be in the country.

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