Primer caso de coronavirus presentado en Perú

The coronavirus continues to advance in Latin America and has already arrived in Peru. This morning, President Martín Vizcarra confirmed the first case of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus.

Through a conference, the head of state indicated that it was a 25-year-old man who returned to the country after having been in Spain, France, and the Czech Republic.

Amid the shock at the national level that has spread through the news of this epidemic, the president called for «tranquility» for the entire Peruvian people and to trust the health authorities.

«This is a situation that we must assume with great serenity, (…) we must remain calm, trust our health system,» said the president.

The young man reportedly went to a private clinic on March 4 with symptoms similar to COVID-19. As there was no improvement, the clinic provided him with medication to continue treatment at home, while giving notice to the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

This is how the MINSA arrived at his home and after a series of tests, the contagion was confirmed.

For now, the young man is stable and in house isolation; on the other hand, they are being made to all their relatives in order not to run the risk of contagion.

President Vizcarra touched on the issue of safety in terms of health and said that the measures of the case are being taken with an emergency protocol to this disease that is already active in all airports nationwide.

“We have arranged all the necessary measures to face this kind of situation. The Minsa leads a strategy in Lima and throughout the country that articulates with the health sector, the Armed Forces and private institutions and clinics, ”he concluded.

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