Coronavirus in Europe: is the virus mutating?

On February 13 in Spain, the first death from covid disease 19 occurred, exactly in Valencia. The researchers took samples from the first patients to be able to compare them with this disease that came from China and thus find a future diagnostic pattern.

The result? Both samples are not the same.

On January 14, China shared with the world the virus genome that they could identify and that had been attacking its population for days, this knowledge helped many researchers around the world to take appropriate precautions.

It is there that the scientists from the University of Valencia verified the samples of the covid 19 that attacked Spain with the composition of the Chinese virus and concluded that both were different. As the virus spreads from one country to another, it also mutates.

«The genome of the virus is not static, but constantly changes. This, in turn, allows us to know its journey in different countries and the transmission routes it uses,» said one of the researchers.

It has even been confirmed that the virus found in Brazil has 16 mutations.

However, with all these studies it has been ruled out that the degree of lethality increases.

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