Chinese volunteers are vaccinated against COVID-19

The coronavirus vaccines developed by members of the Wuhan military research team remain in the first trial period thanks to the patient volunteers from this city.

The 108 volunteers must remain in quarantine for two weeks after receiving the vaccine, and in the next six months, they will draw their blood a minimum of seven times to analyze the antibodies.

It is worth mentioning that the patients mentioned that after applying the dose they experienced symptoms of muscle pain, fever, depression, dizziness, etc. One of them is Chen Kai, this volunteer said that he felt pain in both buttocks immediately after getting up. “After breakfast, my head was swollen, my buttock muscles were sore, and I couldn’t stay still, so I kept walking around the room. Slowly, there were back muscles on either side of the waist. A little bit of pain».

He added that during several hours of the day his temperature exceeded 30 degrees, as did the entire group of volunteers, in addition to reluctance and dizziness. After dark, the symptoms decreased markedly and body temperature returned to normal.

Researchers led by Chen Wei, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a researcher at the Military Medical Institute of the Academy of Military Sciences, recommended not to worry about these side effects and called the new vaccine «the most powerful technological weapon» for a finish with the COVID-19.

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