Italian police receive donations from the Chinese Youth Association

The Chinese Youth Association donated to the Police of Rome and the Italian State Police Nation Association, a batch of supplies which contains 3,500 disposable masks of types FFp1, FFp2, FFp3.

The delivery of this lot happened at the headquarters of the Esquilino police station, in the ceremony the good relationship that the local police maintains with the Chinese community was recognized. Quaestor Carmine Esposito who represents the Roman policemen thanked the president of the Association of Chinese Youth in Italy, Zeng Bufeng, in a letter delivered by Dr. Stefania D´Andrea, who is director of the police station in Esquilino.

These masks will be used by police officers during patrol duty time in the city, as well as by ANPS volunteers who provide immediate help to senior citizens, these people, in addition to being vulnerable to COVID-19, are lonely in their homes without the help of their relatives.

In Italy, more than 47,000 cases have been detected, and the barrier of 4,000 deaths from coronavirus has already been overcome, yet 5,129 patients gradually regain hope and health.

The 2,655 people who are still under intensive care and the new cases of daily infections cause the collapse in all hospitals in the country. This is why last Thursday Christian Salaroli, who is a rescuer in the Juan XIII hospital, declared to the press that: «Those who are older and with more problems are left out waiting for death,» the authorities only have to be waiting for more effective vaccines and implementing modern treatments against this pandemic.

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