Japan will take preventive measures against the coronavirus

Wuhan pneumonia or COVID-19 continues to plague the world, with most countries adopting the «city-closing» strategy to prevent its spread. Despite all the attempts to control this pandemic, new ones infected by coronavirus continue to appear, as is the case in Japan.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike announced that if this pandemic spreads in the Japanese capital in the next three weeks, they will decide to block the city permanently. Koike urged the citizens of Tokyo to avoid activities where there is a mass concentration in this period. However, the famous cherry blossom viewing space in Ueno Park continues to attract huge numbers of tourists.

On the other hand, the companies established in Tokyo continue taking the pertinent measures, such as offering flexible hours to their workers or, if necessary, working from the comfort of their home.

Until yesterday, new cases in Japan totaled 47 infected and 5 dead. In general, the Japanese government reported 1,813 confirmed cases with a total of 49 deaths, for this reason, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke and ordered the suspension of school classes throughout the country.

As we mentioned in the previous note: https://bit.ly/2xi1cZW, the sport will also be affected, this morning Shinzo Abe said that the Tokyo Olympics are in danger of being postponed due to the pandemic. To counteract this postponement, a backup plan has been launched and is currently under evaluation. In three weeks the decisions made by the Japanese authorities will be published.

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