What do world leaders say about mask reuse?

President Donald Trump sentenced before a press conference at the White House that the masks can be reused by applying «a good liquid» to disinfect them.

Currently, this issue is very sensitive to the population, and many of them are reluctant to follow the advice of their president, they defend the position of the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration and the Control Centers and the Disease Prevention, in which it is not mentioned that these masks are reusable, or at least does not advise their reuse «after disinfecting».

Another of the leaders who advocated the reuse of the masks was Jiang Liyun, a member of the Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for the Improvement of the Legislative Council of this country, who shared a video on his social networks where he mentions that the masks are reusable after disinfecting with “hot steam”.

On the other hand, Huang Jiaqing, director of the Center for Health Protection, mentioned that these masks are disposable and that he never heard of them being vaporized to disinfect them.

The director of the center of Infections and Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, He Bailiang, reinforced the position of Huang Jiaqing, denying the video where they recommend the vaporization of the masks. Bailing said it is false news, and that millions of people would probably be being harmed by this malpractice. Lastly, he recommended that citizens not repost the video.

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