7.5 earthquake shakes Russia

This Wednesday an earthquake of 7.5 was recorded in the Kuril Islands in Russia, at a depth of 59 km, according to the United States Geological Institute (USGS). The movement had an epicenter 219 km south-southeast of Severo, in the Kuriles archipelago, in northern Japan.

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the possibility of a tsunami is quite wide, considering that it could extend to a radius of 1,000 kilometers from the epicenter of the tremor.

«Once the modeling and analysis process is completed, the possibility of a tsunami threat to the Chilean coasts will be reported,» said the National Emergency Office (Onemi), which is monitoring the scenario after an earthquake, for Infobae.

The earth trembles.

On March 22, a seismic event was registered with great repercussions in Croatia. The 5.4 earthquakes left several injured and damaged infrastructure in the Croatian capital of Zagreb during the coronavirus quarantine period. It has been considered one of the worst movements felt in the last 140 years.

Peru and a possible earthquake during the quarantine.

After the strong rumors circulating in Peru about the extension of the quarantine, the latent possibility of an earthquake or strong seismic movement remains. Let’s remember to stay calm and go out with the backpack with the necessary survival tools.

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