[SPECIAL] Covid-19: Daniel Alcides Carrión Hospital inmate denounces lack of materials to combat the emergency in Peru

After the complaint made last Sunday, March 22, by the Essalud doctors’ union that did not receive the reception in different media, in The Black Heralds we agreed to the complaint of staff of the Hospital Daniel Alcides Carrión who asserts that they must lie and lend material to be able to cover themselves since the Government has not provided them with the necessary equipment for their protection.

«The situation is precarious. There are no N95 masks, or biosafety shoes, we ourselves have to go to other wards. Furthermore, we have to lie, (say) that we are medical interns […]. Our work is precisely linked to the ICU part. We are exposed to so many bacteria and we do not have the necessary implements and we resorted to lending us used implements from other wards», said the intern with initials J. M. of the hospital.

It should be noted that, after the demand of the United Essalud Guilds to withdraw the ex-Midis minister, Fiorella Molinelli, from the Essalud Directorate, she had recently sent a certain amount of the required material to the provinces. However, the situation in hospitals in various areas of the country also demands better working conditions and training for medical personnel in the event of an emergency.

COVID-19 in Peru.

So far the figure reaches 416 positives of which 23 of the cases are hospitalized and 9 in the ICU, according to Martín Vizcarra.

«This is an arduous and long-term process. The data we have today: 7013 people processed, we have 6597 who have given negatives and 416 who are positive. The percentage of positive cases is 6%, within the range of the evolution of the disease 23 hospitalized, 9 in Intensive Care with mechanical ventilation, 2 with favorable evolution and 4 with extreme care Today we received the information that one more person died with COVID-19 and this morning another one, in Trujillo. 7 people have died of coronavirus», he said.

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