5G technology and Coronavirus? The conspiracy theories around Covid-19 that caused fires in the UK

During the last few days, different types of information have been circulating regarding 5G technology and the spread of the coronavirus. The myth came up after different information published through social networks about the possible damages that the new network and the SARS-Cov-2 or Coronavirus could incur.

This has led large numbers of people to share this information and others, such as in the UK, to burn down the telephone towers in Birmingham and Merseyside. But does this new technology for mobile phones have any risks?

According to the UK scientific community, there is no relationship between the network and the virus. Researchers have argued that some relationship between the two is biologically impossible.

According to the National Health Service of England, with Stephen Powis as medical director in command, this theory has been described as «the worst kind of false news».


The theory linking 5G technology to the pandemic has mainly emerged from Facebook posts in late January when the first cases of the disease began to multiply in the United States.

These theories claim that 5G could disable the immune system and allow the virus to proliferate in the body more quickly, as well as other more unrealistic ones that suggest that the virus can be transmitted through the use of such technology.

«It is not a laboratory creation» mentioned a group of scientists who managed to demonstrate the natural origin of SARS-Cov-2.


Also, it should be noted that this type of technology is not applied to many parts of the world that are devastated by the virus, such as some cities in England or countries like Iran.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the radio waves emitted are extremely low to generate some type of change in the body of people, either by increasing or decreasing the temperature in the human body or other statements that have emerged regarding these theories.

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