Las Leyendas’ Park: campaign seek advance sale of tickets for zoo to help animals

In view of the growing wave of infections, Las Leyendas’ Park has been one of the public places that should also have closed its doors. An alternative to keeping the various animal species that reside in it in good condition is the «Join» campaign. Promoted by Lima’s town hall, this consists of the advance purchase of tickets that can be made effective in what remains for 2020 and 2021 and other measures.

Yépez, deputy manager of zoology of the Park mentioned that «each of the species has a different diet, cleanliness, and care» and is «in charge of a team of caretakers, food preparers and veterinarians, who continue to work under strict protective care to avoid contagions ″.

The mentioned zoo, located in the San Miguel district, consists of more than 1,300 national and international animals that make up the 200 species that are usually a source of education for young and old in Peru.

Other ways to support the campaign are by applying to different packages containing the park’s own souvenirs and recognition for participating in «Join«. In addition, you can also donate through the Interbank account listed below:

Interbank account: 200-3001169996

CII: 003-200-003003001169996-31

Illegal traffic

Yépez mentioned that 99% of the species come from rescues from illegal trafficking and from owners who when buying certain exotic species end up abandoning them. Therefore, their care is much more necessary because they cannot return to their natural habitats.

“Some people buy parrots or monkeys at an early age, but when they reach adulthood and change their behavior, they leave them. These animals cannot return to their natural habitat because they are no longer independent and need other care», she said.

If you want to know more about the campaign, click here.

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