Congress: budget for the education sector is discussed

The legislature, through the Constitution Commission, is debating a bill in plenary to modify the GDP budget for the education sector. This initiative attempted to be carried out through the political constitution, such measures could generate friction with the executive, since the general budget of the Republic is carried out by the executive every year and approved by Parliament.

However, said modification has constitutional validity, so that Congressman Luis Valdez of the Alliance for Progress proposes to modify article 16 of the political constitution of Peru and include the intention of the parliamentarian to strengthen the annual investment of the education sector, which does not limit the it must be less than 6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The initiative that is still under discussion in parliament has the support of the members of the Constitution commission of the Congress of the Republic. The legislature has been approving regulations such as the annulment of the tolls, refund of contributions to the AFP, etc. This draws the attention of public opinion, and members of the same executive branch have expressed their disagreement on some specific points.

Friction with the executive

In the course of days, Congress through its parliamentarians has been summoning the majority of the cabinet of ministers, and this has created a climate of declarations for both, the legislature who assures that the questions of the citizens must be answered, and the executive who calls for understanding not to interrupt the work agenda of ministers in the development of the State of Emergency due to the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

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