George Forsyth does not think about the presidential elections

The mayor of Victoria George Forsyth responded to the statements of the leader of the Purple Party, Julio Guzmán who through his tweet account expressed that if Salvador del Solar and Forsyth are invited to military and even apply in their party. For his part, the mayor of la Victoria reported that Guzmán’s party ‘is one more’ of the many who invite him to join.

On the other hand, he declared that he has not spoken with the founder of the Purple Party; but still thank you for your consideration; but that at present he is focused on the measures that are being carried out in the district to combat informality, crime and others.

On the other hand, the former candidate for the presidency of the Republic expressed his wishes to run again in the next elections in 2021; but that this decision will be made in the internal elections of the Purple Party. It should be noted that Guzmán manifests these statements due to the news that came out of him when one video came to light in which the former presidential candidate was running after a fire occurred in his department in Miraflores.

Despite being the leader in the intention of votes for the presidential elections, George Forsyth maintained his position of not thinking about these issues, and that his focus is now on the proceedings being carried out in the Victoria district.

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