Minister Lozada urges greater understanding to Congress

Speaking to national radio, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Lozada called on the Congress of the Republic to have a greater understanding for the cabinet of Vicente Zeballos, who currently continues to work during the State of Emergency for the spread of Covid-19.

The head stated that continuous subpoenas to the Congress of the Republic on the same day would reduce the capacity to work during the health emergency, without friction, Lozada asked the congress to be more understandable with the ministers who receive constant subpoenas to the executive.

Likewise, the minister stressed that the current cabinet has the predisposition to work jointly with parliament during the current state of emergency due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

On the other hand, Lozada indicated that the Ministry of Transport and Communications is working to reduce 40% of the pressure of public transport during rush hour, in addition, it was stressed that remote work and alternatives such as bicycles will be prioritized to avoid crowds of people at strategic points such as whereabouts.

Finally, the head of the MTC called on private companies to prevent their staff from mobilizing at peak times and the citizens themselves to take the corresponding precautions.

Prevention issue
Last night, various media outlets took to the streets to reflect the current panorama of the transportation system, in which it was possible to see the omission by drivers, collectors, and passengers of the safety and distance protocols, recommended by the authorities.

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