Congress: Broad Front against parliamentary immunity

Members of the Frente Amplio caucus decided to vote against totally eliminating parliamentary immunity, said measure that prevents an accused legislator from being subjected to a judicial process. Last Tuesday the Constitution Commission of the Congress of the Republic debated said opinion in which it was discussed to eliminate the figure of parliamentary immunity.

In a statement, the party of the leader Marco Arana Zegarra, assured that said extension goes against the parliamentary exercise and that this should be a guarantee to fulfill functions, he also added that his position seeks that the congressmen carry out their work of control and political control, without having to deal with complaints or retaliation. The statement presented this morning also ensures that the elimination of parliamentary immunity could be a form of political persecution.

Another point that they took into account was the proposal of the legislator of Cajamarca Mirtha Vásquez, who in bill No. 5310 seeks to modify the figure that congressmen are not protected against tax investigations before taking office, and that in case of crime it is the Congress itself that supervises the case.

The considerations in the debate were approved by the majority with 17 votes in favor, 6 against and 1 abstention. Said proposal would modify article 93 of the Magna Carta, so it would go to evaluation by the plenary session, in which the 87 votes needed to become law are not assured.

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