Executive: Miriam Morales will provide statements to the Prosecutor’s Office

Mirian Morales, general secretary of the Presidential Office will give testimony on July 7, this as part of the investigations that are carried out for alleged irregularities regarding the hiring of Morales’s personal circle in public office.

Prosecutor Reynaldo Abia, from the Second Corporate Provincial Prosecutor’s Office Specializing in Crimes of Corruption of Officials, mentioned that Morales will be investigated after having gone to inspect the offices of the Government Palace to obtain the corresponding information on the alleged contracts made with her former partner. and sister of the mentioned

Abia mentioned that the preliminary investigation has already begun and that the appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7 at 9 am, so that people can be identified. This was indicated in statements after attending the Government Palace, and also recognized the support of the executive to gather the necessary information.

In the statements, he also assured that there were delays because they were conducting tests to discard the coronavius ​​(Covid-19), and that the protocols required by the Government Palace made actions to be carried out. The data provided by the head of the Public Ministry mention that in the investigations this morning, contracts were found in favor of Jorge Mere (ex-partner of Mirian Morales) and his sister (Claudia Teresa Mere).

At the same time, Abia did not rule out that the president can be summoned for subsequent investigations and mentioned that everything is about moving the process forward.

The report that I gave days ago “Panorama” suggested that Claudia Mere worked for the state in September 2017 with a sum of 4500 soles to work for 45 days. Also Jorge Mere, who had allegedly been hired by the housing ministry, for a sum greater than 10,000 soles.

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