Minister of Economy: Decisions must be made with Peru in mind

María Antonieta Alva, Minister of Economy and Finance, expressed her disagreement with the latest proposals, debated and many of them approved by the Congress of the Republic, stated that said measures “violate the most basic principles of economic theory”.

In dialogues with the RPP, I also question the true intentions of the legislature, specifically mentioning the issue of the pension system and debt freezing. «We have to make decisions thinking that Peru does not end the pandemic, or the elections,» inviting us to think about the future.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that the proposals taken into account by the parliament intend to seek the approval of public opinion. Asu time also mentioned as an example the tolls law, which pointed out that said measure seeks to support transport companies.

Another point to mention was the project on the freezing of debts, I affirm that said measure would affect the own savings of Peruvians, and would not necessarily have to benefit the least solvent. Lastly, the contributions to the ONP were emphasized, Alva said that there is a lack of knowledge on the subject about the operation or management of the ONP, and that this should be a primary requirement for legislating.

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