Yehude Simon has been arrested

The former prime minister Yehude Simon is the one who is investigated for the alleged crimes of irregular bidding (as part of the Olmos project) and the reception of campaign contributions by the Brazilian company Odebrecht, said investigation within the framework of the investigations into the case. Lava Jato made that after months of proceedings, the Anti-Corruption Criminal Chamber of the National Superior Court of Specialized Criminal Justice.

The same entity that rejected the request for self-challenge (with restrictions) against Yehude Simon and imposed 36 months of house arrest for the same investigations that supposedly implicate him against him (money laundering in the Lava Jato case).

Through the institutional account on Twitter, said court announced that a bond equivalent to 50 soles was issued, and among other measures such as rules of conduct that the former regional governor of Lambayeque must abide by.

As part of the background in the investigations, it was learned that on March 8, judge Maria Alvarez Camacho rejected the request for 36 months of preventive detention, a request that was made by the prosecutor in charge of the case; On the contrary, there was an appearance with restrictions on the proceedings for the alleged irregularities in the Olmos project and receipt of contributions from the Odebrecht trans-Brazilian company. In response to the rejection of preventive detention, the prosecution asked the Judiciary to modify the appearance restricted to house arrest.

In the framework of the investigations, it is known that the former representative of the Brazilian construction company in our country, Jorge Barata, declared that he made contributions to the Yehude Simon campaign, with a sum of 300 thousand dollars, money that was delivered to Jorge Salazar. On the other hand, in the version of Barata Yehude Simon was the one who received the money from builder box 2 when he was governor of Lambayeque in 2006.

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