Martín Vizcarra: other contracts in the state of relatives

Karem Roca Luque, still in the eye of the storm. Recently, a series of contracts have been discovered with her family environment in the course of Martin Vizcarra‘s management as Governor of Moquegua, considering that she has been his assistant throughout his regional government.

The contracts were made with the company of her husband and brothers. This would add up to a total of 160,000 soles ($45428.73) As for the husband of the assistant to the Presidential Office, Edgar Iván Zapata Yactayo, it is known that he contracted with the Moquegua Regional Government for an architectural service, generating fees for S/ 19,800 ($5621.81).

Source: Lima Gris

Everything stays with the family

Karem Roca, together with his father Máximo Roca Vargas, had founded in 2002 by a company called «Los Héroes del Cenepa Servicios Múltiples» in which, according to Diario El Comercio, the assistant to the Presidential Office would have been assistant manager until February 2020.

The scandal would go further because the company mentioned would have obtained agreements with the Regional Government of Moquegua for S/ 46,000 ($13060.76) during the management of Vizcarra in 2013 and 2014.

However, América Televisión mentioned that Danny Alejandro Roca Luque, brother of Martín Vizcarra’s assistant, contracted with the Ministries of Housing and Labor for a total of S/ 60,820 ($17268.60). Meanwhile, Odaliz Roca Luque, his sister, contracted with Essalud for S/ 11,500 ($3265.19) during 2019, being his professional psychology.


The figure of the assistant to the President of the Republic came to light due to the mentions made by the controversial Richard Cisneros. The singer and former volleyball player had met with Roca Luque and Mirian Morales Córdoba in different circumstances. According to Roca Luque for El Comercio, he would have received the singer «out of courtesy» and to opt for his services as public relations.

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