Peru eliminated Chile a year ago in the Copa América semifinals

The Peruvian team gave a chair of good football before a blurred «mapochino» selected. The goals came from Edison Flores, Yoshimar Yotún, and Paolo Guerrero. In this way, the «bicolor» classified a Copa América final since winning it in 1975. A

After what was the miraculous classification and the early elimination of Peru in the World Cup in Russia 2018, the Copa América of Brazil 2019 would come. This competition served to realize that the level shown in the international competition by the selection against countries of the stature of France, Denmark or Australia was not the result of chance.

The meeting put history in front of two rivals that make up «The classic of the Pacific». The Chilean team had ranked second in their group, after losing to Uruguay and beating Ecuador and Japan. In the quarterfinals, he beat Colombia on penalties and qualified for the next round. Peru, on the other hand, ranked third best in their group by tying with Venezuela, beating Bolivia, and crashing to host Brazil. In the quarters, he eliminated the Uruguayan team on penalties, after a fantastic performance by goalkeeper Pedro Gallese.

The first goal of the game came very early, at 21 minutes of the first half, Edison Flores beat the goal guarded by Gabriel Arias. When it seemed that the Southerners would tie the game, a center that fell in Yotún’s chest opened the way for the second goal of the Peruvians to take shape. Already in the second half and with absolute control of the game, Peru finished rounding the scoring after a chain of passes and an exquisite definition of Paolo Guerrero, who after a dribble to the goalkeeper, defined with the goal alone. Eduardo Vargas, a Chilean striker, missed a penalty for trying to «bite» the ball.

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The Inca team would qualify for a Copa América final after 45 years. However, he would lose to Brazil by 3 to 1. Previously, he had obtained third place twice.

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