The Ayacucho’s jewel is for an anniversary!

Located at 2,671 masl on the slopes of the Andes mountains is the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga in the city of the same name in the department of Ayacucho. It was founded during the colonial era with the category of Royal and Pontifical, on July 3st 1677, by Don Cristóbal Castilla, the then bishop of the Diocese of Huamanga. Since its creation, it has been subjected to the struggle of powers and was closed and reopened on several occasions until July 3, 1959, when after 80 years it closed, it was reopened definitively thanks to the unconditional support of the entire Ayacucho people. Law 12828 issued on April 24th, 1957 was the one that allowed the permanent opening of this institution. Currently, the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga has nine faculties and around thirty professional careers between science and humanities. In addition, it not only has its own Graduate school with different specialties but also has its own scientific research center. With more than three hundred years of existence, the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga has left a very marked mark in this region and in Peru as a whole. Many of its graduates hold prominent positions in governmental and private entities and have even carried out cutting-edge scientific and social research, such as deciphering the potato genome; the same that is considered with one of the most important studies of the last decades. For these reasons, an honorable mention is necessary to congratulate the institution for its 343 years of service to Peruvian education.

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