Reading, a habit that must be cultivated in childhood

In an era of abrupt change in which knowledge is constantly renewed, reading is a vital matter, a person who reads frequently; He develops an interesting cognitive ability, increases his critical thinking and exercises his mind to understand different subjects that not only involve letters as some think but also helps improve reasoning and logic.

It is very important that reading is a habit that is cultivated from the first years, this activity in addition to helping to educate and develop different skills is an infallible form of entertainment. But, some of the serious reasons why parents should choose to introduce reading into the lives of their little ones are:

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  1. Perfects the language, this allows the child to handle better oral and written expression. Likewise, it increases your vocabulary and improves your spelling significantly. Experts recommend one to two hours a day for children to learn to write faster.
  2. It allows you to learn any subject, it is important to remember that there is no professional specialty in which fluent reading is not required. Numerical subjects are often thought to be at odds with reading, but this is not the case; by reading all knowledge, in general, is updated.

  3. Develops critical thinking, thanks to reading you can establish your own concepts, judgments, reflections, and reasoning. This extraordinary tool allows intellectual work because it promotes the development of fundamental cognitive skills; such as: compare, define, argue, observe, characterize, among others.
  4. It satisfies curiosity, often broadens the child’s horizons, allows him to get in touch with places, people, experiences, and customs far from him in time or space.
  5. It is a tool for a better future, reading improves any human relationship, enriches personal contacts, improves communication and interpersonal skills, and helps to understand and respect the thinking of others.
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