Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office: 700% increase in corruption complaints during quarantine

Omar Tello Rosales, coordinating prosecutor of the Anticorruption Prosecutors, announced through a local media that during the 107 days of quarantine, nearly 1,000 complaints have occurred for alleged acts of corruption regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We, until the 23rd, have registered 925 complaints (of corruption). There are complaints about the solidarity baskets, about the bonds, there are bribes from multiple officials, especially those who have been linked to order and sanction in these times of the covid-19 in isolation and home confinement», he stressed.

Among them, as he mentions, the most critical and worrisome come from those that affect the health system. According to their statements, there are a total of 81 complaints involving the purchase of «ambulances, medical equipment, mechanical ventilators, oxygen supplies, face masks, gel alcohol, cleaning supplies, PPE, all of these goods and services that would have been acquired to combat Covid-19 are observed by suspicions», he mentioned.

Cost overruns

In addition, the coordinator of prosecutors of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that placing an extra cost on certain assets is not a crime, however, if there could be a presumption of a crime of collusion where the supplier and the official agree to earn money extra illicitly.

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